What Is Sacred Geometry and What Are Their Healing Benefits

Everything in the Universe is interconnected, has symmetry and balance. The Universe is always expanding itself, ebbing, and flowing and is governed by laws. These laws are fine-tuned with creation, which is a process of growth and evolution. Sacred geometry helps us to connect with the universal energy of growth, and seek balance and harmony.

What’s Sacred Geometry?

Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio was called Phi(φ) by the Greeks. For them, it was a representation of infinity and beauty and it was used by Greek architects and sculptors in architecture and art. From the Golden Ratio, comes the Fibonacci Sequence. This sequence is a list composed of numbers that are the sum of the previous two numbers in the sequence (0,1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21…) and it goes on forever.

These mathematical formulas are used in the crafting of musical instruments like cellos, violins, and the tones of musical scales. In nature, we see it in seashells, ocean waves, flower buds, sunflower seed heads, etc. 

According to the Urban Dictionary, it is “the underlying geometry in nature.” It is shaped in fractals, reoccurring patterns, and ratios, most often seen in architecture, art, and nature. 

The nature of sacred geometry is mathematical — mathematics is also referred to as the language of nature — and it brings order to the chaos and it’s organized in a way that is logical.

Different patterns and shapes can be found virtually everywhere in nature and they form the basis of all living things in the Universe. It’s believed that these energy patterns that create and connect everything are how the Universe expresses Itself. 

If you look closer and analyze it, you can find patterns everywhere — from our DNA structure to flower petals to the cornea of our eye.

What Are The Most Common Sacred Geometry Shapes?

The Flower Of Life

The Flower of Life is another sacred geometry form and it’s the symbol of creation. It’s formed by overlapping circles of equal sizes in a six-fold symmetry that resembles a flower. 

This powerful symbol represents the connection of all living things and it’s considered the ‘blueprint of creation’. It has been used by many ancient cultures and religions — synagogues in Galilee, Israel, in temples in India, in Egypt, and so on.

It’s believed that wearing sacred geometry symbols has some benefits and some healing properties. Let’s explore:

  • Wearing the Flower of Life as a necklace or amulet may promote energetical harmony. It does so by raising the energy frequencies, thus increasing overall wellbeing.
  • It may support you during healing processes if you are experiencing dis-ease. Because it stabilizes the energy field and energy centers, you can use it as an extra to your medical protocols.
  • When used during meditation, it can establish a deeper connection with the divine.
  • Printed on water jugs and cups, it turns normal water into the elixir of life. It regenerates and harmonizes the water molecules.

The Seed Of Life

Within the Flower of Life, we can find the Seed. It takes form from the inner seven circles of the Flower of Life. As the pattern repeats itself, we can find other shapes and forms coming from it like the triangle and the hexagon. Yet, from a multidimensional perspective, we find the cube, tetrahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, and octahedron.

Interestingly, the circles in both Flower of Life and Seed of Life are seen as feminine energy, while corners and straight are connected to the masculine.

Since the Flower and the Seed of life are interconnected, they promote similar benefits, like clearing the energy field and promoting positive energy. But we can use it for many purposes and in different ways:

  • The Seed of Life symbolizes creation. It is known as the blueprint of the Universe. So, similar to a crystal, you can program the symbol with your intentions.
  • This sacred geometry works as a protective symbol. Wear it as a necklace or amulet to protect you from negative energy.
  • It is also a common ornament for fertility for women during pregnancy or trying to conceive.


Sri Yantra means “the most honored yantra,” and it’s a mystical diagram that represents unity. The triangles pointing upwards represent the masculine and all that is unmanifested; the triangles pointing downward represent the divine feminine and the manifestation upon the Universe. Apart from that, each symbol within the Sri Yantra has its own symbology.

Sri Yantra is a powerhouse of source energy. That said, the benefits of using this symbol at home or wearing it as an adornment are many:

  • It helps to clear all negative energy and remove obstacles standing in your own way to manifest peace, harmony, and abundance.
  • It keeps the energy field clear.
  • Sri Yantra is a powerful tool for those seeking financial abundance and wealth.

Metatron's Cube

Named after the Arcangel Metatron who governs the creational energy and connection with the Divine, the Metatron’s cube, also called Merkaba, contains all God’s creation and represents the pattern of everything created by It. 

The Merkaba represents pure universal energy, constantly flowing and expanding. It has the power to clear all negative energy from one’s field and to heal. 

 Metatron’s cube, similar to the Seed Of Life, represents protection, which is promoted by Arcangel Metatron. You can place the symbol where you wish your energy to be protected.

  • This sacred geometry also works as an energy clearing grid. Place a few protective crystals such as clear quartz, selenite, and kyanite if you need a refresh.

How Can Sacred Geometry Improve My Life?

Sacred geometry embraces the idea that everything is connected. The simple act of watching and staring at these symbols is comforting and they can reveal deep wisdom within. 

As the author of The Soul Searcher's Handbook Emma Mildon says, “sacred geometry is all about this sense of natural alignment."

Our ancestors believed that these patterns can connect us with higher wisdom, higher levels of consciousness, and deeper awareness. Working with sacred geometry strengthens the connection with spirit, creates inner harmony and balance. 

What Are The Healing Power of Sacred Geometry? 

We can benefit from the energetic power of sacred geometry codes. Through the flow and connection with these sacred patterns, we’re able to understand the language of the Universe, reconnect with the divine source and expand our consciousness.  

They have the power to make us connect with the inner world and balance the energy with the outer world. Each geometric shape has a specific energical vibration and intention. Here are a few ways you use the healing power of sacred geometry: 

  • Create A Crystal Grid

Crystals, by their structure, are sacred geometries too. Take some crystals and place them either in front of you, or you can create a grid using a sacred geometry shape around you. Sit down, meditate and allow the healing power of both sacred geometry and crystals to work on you.

  • Drawing Mandalas

Mandalas have been widely used as a meditation and mindfulness tool. You can set an intention before coloring a mandala, such as “I am powerful,” or “I am healed.” Coloring and drawing mandalas connect you with the present moment and it can shift your energy into positive ones. 

  • Use The Symbols By Wearing Them

Another way to tap into the power of sacred geometry symbols is by wearing them. You can carry them around with you, in your wallet, pocket, or wear a necklace or clothing. We offer sacred geometry pendants and you can use them as an amulet for protection and add your favorite fragrance or mantra. 

  • Place Sacred Geometry Patterns In Your Home

If you’ve come this far, you might already know that whatever you surround yourself with, affects your energy. So whether you place a drink on a coaster or charging plate with sacred geometry, wear a pendant with a symbol, or hang a sacred geometry pattern on your wall, it will affect the place you’re in with positive energy. 

 Orgonite pyramids, for instance, are powerful tools that ignite and transform negative energy into a positive one. The use of charging plates affects the water molecules and has the power to purify that energy and neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic smog in your home, caused by EMF radiation