Custom Made Crystal Pyramid


You are unique, your energy is unique and your struggles are too.

So shouldn't your healing be unique, too?

That's why we hand-make crystal pyramids, each one designed for the specific needs of your home and your soul.

With our custom-made crystal pyramids, you can create a living space that is as one-of-a-kind as you are. Each pyramid is crafted to your specifications and serves to cleanse the energies in your home and enhance the positive forces that surround you.

Tailor your pyramid to fit your exact needs by choosing everything from the size of the pyramid to the stone it's made of.

There are several combinations of crystals to be added in your crystal pyramid, from Jade, Kunzite, Fluorite, Morganite to Hematite and more. All of them are are placed in a copper orgonite mixture to enhance the power of the crystal’s natural abilities to emit positivity, good health and happiness in your life. 

This orgonite mixture form a kind of magical substance that does so many things. It cleanses and amplifies your energy field and surroundings, relieving mental and physical stress, clearing emotional and energetic blocks, protecting against WiFi and other EMF pollution, energizing water, food, and even accelerating plant growth!

You can also use this tool during meditation or healing work to receive its full benefits.

But we understand how confusing could it be to choose right combination of crystals to your problems, that's why we provide a free 1:1 crystal reading consultation where we talk about how you feel, what are you going through, and what crystals call out to you most strongly.

After this, we will select the crystals and sacred geometry symbols that best match your energy, struggle and your personality.

Sacred Geometry Symbols 

l The Flower of Life
It is used to connect us with the Divine and the universe. It helps us to bring us closer to God, The Divine and brings clarity, creativity and inspiration.

Attributes: ✦creativity consciousness oneness

l Seed of Life
It represents blessing, protection and helps us to bring us closer to God, The Divine. It also has healing qualities as it purifies surrounding energies for a positive atmosphere.

Attributes: Protection spirituality blessing

l  Sri-yantra
It brings spiritual and material wealth, dispels negativity and enhances your confidence and self-esteem by helping you feel more grounded and connect with divine.

Attributes: Clarity Protection positivity

l Metatron's Cube
It is used to clear out lower vibrational energies from the aura, helping you feel more balanced and activate your chakras. This will result in a greater sense of peace within yourself and increased energy levels too!

Attributes: balance protection self esteem

l Merkaba
Merkaba symbols aid in meditation as well as spiritual ascension by bringing our physical body together with our spirit body into a divine light that connects us to higher dimensions so we can access knowledge from other realms.

Attributes: Manifestation Healing Spirituality

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