What is Crystal Chakra Healing?

Did you know that crystal chakra healing can do wonders to your well-being? Crystals have been our best friends for as long as we can remember, thanks to their protective and soothing qualities. It’s not a surprise that they make great tools to use in energy healing, especially when working with the chakras. Balancing your chakras with crystals is an effective way to feel more balanced – it’s easy to try at home and apply to your everyday life. Let’s take a closer look at how chakras work and how you can use crystals to harmonize your energy system. 

How do the chakras work?

The chakras are known as the seven main energy centers in your body. They are located on top of each other in a straight line from the bottom of your spine all the way to the top of your head. Each of them corresponds to a different colour and music note. Every chakra has different qualities and is responsible for a specific area in your life. Having a balanced chakra system makes you feel overall happy and content in life. On the contrary, imbalances in different chakras can cause us to feel heavy – not only energetically, but mentally and physically. That’s why it’s good to do some chakra healing work from time to time.  

You can use crystals in chakra healing in different ways. Have them accompany you in meditation by placing them on top of the chakra you want to focus on; you can carry one with you or place them in different locations in your house, for example on your night stand or working area. One option is to combine crystals and jewellery – find a pendant from our collection that fits your needs.

Root chakra 

The first chakra, also known as Muldhara, is located at the base of the spine. This chakra is about our survival and tribal instincts; it’s connected to the element Earth and represents our connection to nature and to our own bodies. It’s related to our feelings of safety and security and how we relate to our “tribe” – our families, friend groups, work teams and the society. 

A person with a balanced root chakra feels safe in the world and is able to provide for themselves. Imbalance of energy in this area might cause constant feelings of anxiety and fear, problems with money and inability to hold a steady job. To heal root chakra one needs to ground. Go to nature: swim in a lake, take a trip to a forest or walk barefoot on the grass. Do physical activities that make you more aware of your body, such as yoga or walking. 

Crystals for the root chakra

You can use the help of crystals to balance your root chakra. Think of Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian to feel protected, Hematite and Onyx to invite more grounding into your life, Smoky Quartz to connect with the earth and Carnelian and Tiger’s Eye to bring you more confidence. If you want to carry a crystal with you, remember to always place it near the chakra you are using it for; a crystal for the root chakra can be placed for example in one’s pocket.

Sacral chakra 

Located just above the root chakra, a few inches below the navel, is the sacral chakra, Svadhisthana. It represents creativity, sexuality, emotions, relationships and pleasure. Water as its element, this energy center makes the prana, or life force energy, flow through our bodies. 

Imbalanced sacral chakra can manifest as difficulty connecting to emotions or being too emotional, challenges in relationships with others or creative blocks. Balanced sacral makes it easy to process emotions and to connect with people, and to have a healthy outlook on sexuality and pleasure. Dancing, moving and doing something creative are great ways to work on the sacral chakra. 

Crystals for the sacral chakra

Crystal healing for the sacral? Use Carnelian to invite more passion and love into your life, Orange Calcite for emotional intelligence and balance and Citrine to improve the flow of energy in the body. 

Pop a sacral healing crystal in a hip bag or your hand bag at the level of your hips to maximize its benefits. You can also place one next to your bed to invite more pleasure into the bedroom or on your desk at work for a creativity boost.

Solar Plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra or Manipura resides between the lower ribs. Confidence, willpower and purpose are keywords for this chakra. It represents the energy of the sun, having fire as its element. 

Someone with a balanced solar plexus has a sense of purpose, is not afraid of making decisions and stands in their own power. Too active Manipura can make you competitive, unable to let go and overly focused on achievement. Underactivity, on the other hand, might look like low self-esteem and difficulty standing up for oneself. Setting boundaries, letting yourself be who you are and doing more things that you love help you to heal this chakra.

Crystals for the solar plexus chakra

Which crystals work best with the solar plexus? Try Sunstone for confidence and self-worth, Agate for letting go of things that no longer serve you and Amber to help you with decision making. Have your crystal with you when you have an important meeting or date, for example.

Heart chakra

Known by the name Anahata, the heart chakra is located in the center of your chest, representing love and compassion. The heart is said to be the seat of the soul, the gateway from the tangible world to the higher realms of consciousness. The element of this chakra is air. 

When your heart chakra is not in balance, you might find it hard to feel empathy for others or  to open yourself up to give and receive love. A person with an open heart center finds it easy to connect with others; their actions are motivated by love, and they show understanding rather than judge. The heart can be healed by giving and receiving love – not to forget being kind to oneself.

Crystals for the heart chakra

Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for healing the heart. It cultivates self-love, peace and compassion within oneself. Jade attracts more love into your life, Rhodochrosite helps finding forgiveness and healing emotional traumas and Aventurine brings luck and abundance into your love life. Wear a heart chakra stone in a long necklace or place it in a chest pocket to receive full benefits.


Throat chakra 

You can find the throat chakra, or Vishuddha, between the collarbones. This chakra has sound as its element, and it’s responsible for communication and self-expression. 

Healthy energy flow in this area helps you to find the right words in every situation, always speak the truth and have your voice heard – metaphorically, but also literally. When the Vishuddha is out of balance, one can find it hard to express themselves, speak up or listen to others. Just to mention a few, chanting, signing, writing and playing music have a healing effect on the throat chakra.

Crystals for the throat chakra

Some of the healing crystals for the throat chakra include Celestite, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli and Blue Calcite. Celestite and Lapis Lazuli connect you with your personal truth, Aquamarine helps you to find your voice and Blue Calcite brings in more flow in terms of communication. The throat chakra crystals are great in a necklace; carry one with you anytime you have a presentation or an important discussion with someone.

Third Eye chakra 

Also known as Anja, The third eye chakra can be found in the spot between the eyebrows. It’s element is light, and it’s associated with imagination, knowledge and intuition – this is where your sixth sense comes from. 

When your third eye centre is balanced you are connected to your intuition, have a good imagination and trust your inner knowing. When this chakra is blocked, one is close-minded and unable to follow their inner guidance. On the contrary, overly active Ajna can cause nightmares and unwanted visions. Practices like meditation and yoga have a soothing effect for this chakra.

Crystals for the third eye chakra

When thinking of crystals for the third eye, try Amethyst to awaken psychic abilities, Labradorite for understanding the bigger picture and Purple Fluorite for clearing the mind. Lie down in meditation and place your crystal in the spot between your eyebrows to stimulate your third eye.

Crown chakra 

Last but not least there’s the crown chakra, Sahasrara. You can find it at the top of your head; this chakra is associated with the element thought, and it connects you to the higher collective consciousness. Sahasrara represents spirituality and enlightenment. 

If this chakra is blocked, one is confused about bigger questions in life and not open to new ideas or concepts. Overactive crown chakra manifests as addiction to higher knowledge, ungroundedness and spiritual ego. Heal your crown chakra by being in silence, practicing gratitude and expanding your horizon by reading books and learning about the worldviews of others.

Crystals for the crown chakra

What are the stones that heal the crown chakra? Try Moonstone, that has soothing effects for the mind and spirit, and Selenite, that connects you with your spirit guides. Clear Quartz is a great choice as well as it helps to clean all of the lower chakras, clearing up the way for light energy to flow in. 

Trust your intuition

Crystal chakra healing can truly help you to find more harmony in your life. If you don’t know which stone to pick for each chakra, use your intuition. If you are drawn to a specific piece of crystal, it’s said that it has chosen you for a reason

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Written by Titta Pennane