Our story

About Namacci

Namacci is a holistic lifestyle brand on a mission to empower you from the inside out by uplifting your spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. We are passionate about putting art & positive vibes out into the world.

Our lifestyle essentials incorporate crystals, essential oils, plant medicine and sacred geometry, which all have their own unique healing benefits. These essentials are called 'Sacred Energy Tools for Empowerment’. They help you find alignment and live a happy, healthy, abundant life, as well as empower you on your personal and spiritual journey.

Our carefully crafted creations are handmade with love in Amsterdam and Bali, and are all designed by Namacci Artist & Founder, Cho.

About the founder

Founded in 2018, Namacci was born from Cho’s curiosity and passion for connecting with our higher self, along with a desire to create meaning and impact as she channels the divine through her intuitive art.

Cho explains: “Growing up, I found myself gravitating toward the mystical world and the unseen energy that surrounds us all. I was collecting crystals before I even truly understood their power and potential. I found myself intrigued by their unique healing properties, colors and shapes.

To empower from within

Even as a child, I believed that each of us have a life'a purpose to fulfill - I began to work on my self-development and personal growth. Here my spiritual journey began and it was through studying ancient wisdom and the law of attraction that I developed a desire to create unique, empowering and personalized tools for the modern world.”

The Art Of Living

From the handmade crystal healing designs, to careful infusions of plant medicine spirits contained in the creations, Cho’s deep purpose is to educate and empower you to unlock your highest potential and activate your Divine Blueprint within.

'You Can Be, Do, Have Everything You Desire' - Cho, Artist & Founder of Namacci.”

“I believe we all have the ability to manifest whatever we want in life. With Namacci, I hope to inspire, motivate and support you on this beautiful journey of self-empowerment, tapping into your full potential by dreaming big, taking action and doing what you came here to do. It is our mission to empower you from within.